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At The House of Serenity we provide a wide range of massages at our locally based salon in Ilford. Our team are all highly skilled therapists who will always be able to offer the most up to date treatments for all of our clients to enjoy. Some of our popular treatments include Foot, Hand and Face massages, as well as a number of other treatments which you will be able to choose from. Our aim is to ensure that we always exceed our client's expectations, and as such we will consult with you every step of the way so that you have the best possible experience.
Our salon is always extremely relaxing and tranquil, as we want you to leave feeling calm and completely re-energised. Our therapists are always on hand to answer any and all questions you may have, and can provide a complimentary consultation beforehand if you feel it would benefit you. Call us or come and visit us today if you would like to try one of our treatments, we would love to get you booked in!

About Us
My name is Parminder Doal, and I have been training to become a Massage Therapist since September 2017 at the London School of Massage and had qualified in all the 9 different types of therapies I offer as part of my service by March 2019. The plan of building my career in this field was brought up to me because I used to enjoy just massaging somebody i.e. a friend or family member when they mentioned that they have some minor aches and pains like a headache, neck & shoulder pain, etc. Consequently, after doing it, the recipients would say something like ‘you really do have the magic/caring/silk touch Parminder’ or ‘I feel better already’ or ‘I really love the heat and energy dipping out of your hands into my body’ or ‘seriously! Have you ever thought of doing this as a profession?’.

There was also a time when I was suffering from mental fatigue and stress from prolonged student life and other life matters and had tried various remedies to overcome this where massage was one of them, and I found this to be one of the most effective ways of treatment for that, or in fact the best and felt so much healthier in many different ways. In today’s society, I believe that everybody needs a massage as life is so fast-paced, sedentary and stressful, not just in London, but the whole world. We all get an achy back, neck & shoulders, etc whether we are office workers, builders, engineers, mechanics or whether we do any type of sports or other physical activities as part of our lifestyle.

We all need Massage Therapists to relieve all those aches and pains and help us enhance our concentration levels and physical abilities at work. Whatever outcome you expect to achieve from receiving a treatment from me, it will be tailored to meet your needs and I won’t just do the exact same treatment and routine as on everyone else.

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What our customers are saying...


Over the last couple of days my back, neck and shoulders became increasingly tense leading to the muscles starting to go into spasm proving to be increasingly uncomfortable. I spoke with Parminder and was able to book in to see him the same day. I booked a 1hr massage to target my problem areas plus a 30min Indian head massage. On arrival he showed straight away that he was adopting a Covid-19 safe practice. We had a brief consultation before the massage started where he proved to be knowledgeable and reassuring and he was both professional and courteous throughout my treatment sessions. Parminder was really conscientious and showed both strength and care during the massage and having the ability to ‘feel’ the problem areas was reassuring throughout. The Indian head massage was wonderfully relaxing and a real stress-buster of a treatment and the treatment room was lovely and warm with soothing music in the background. Would highly recommend Parminder and very much looking forward to the next treatment. Thanks Parminder!


Alison Reynolds